We are an Ed Tech Demonstrator School

King Ecgbert are already offering a sophisticated online school with work set for students in accordance with their normal school time table and live access to teachers. They are using YouTube for the Headteacher to give assemblies, Microsoft Teams to run staff meetings and training and a range of learning systems to allow students to keep learning from home. This is a mixture of students helping themselves to learning and increasingly teachers delivering live lessons with web conferencing  technology but all withing the safety of a Virtual School system that only the King Ecgbert community can access.


Headteacher, Paul Haigh who has worked in this field for some time having written The New Technology Handbook for Schools back in 2011 and being a prolific blogger and speaker on the topic before becoming a Headteacher said "Many schools like us have access to amazing cloud based technology through Microsoft Office 365 or Google Classroom but have only been using it for fairly traditional tools like Outlook email. What we can do today is so much better than what I wrote about in 2011 but schools have often not made use of it. We aim to share our story of how we are harnessing the potential of technology that have been quite normal in recent years for international businesses and companies where staff often work from home to keep our school running and support others in doing the same.


John Coats, Director of the Hallam Teaching School Alliance at Notre Dame said "As an Associate Research School Notre Dame works very closely with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) who are the go-to source of research evidence for schools. The EEF have already moved fast in publishing a review of the existing evidence on distance learning and we are keen to use this to ensure schools put their efforts into approaches that are likely to best support students." He added  "There isn't time to waste on implementing white elephants and we'll use EEF tools to support schools implement rapid change and to review the impact they are having so they know when it's working or when they need to rethink.

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