Anti-Racism in Education

We are now offering 'Anti-Racism in Education' training.

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What does this mean for us as educators? In this webinar, we will engage with the core principles of Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism teaching. We will lay the necessary groundwork for building an exploratory, post-colonial climate in the classroom. We will also consider some of the likely challenges we may face when talking about race, and crucially, how an awareness of our own limitations, combined with an understanding of the theory, can have a transformative effect on our interactions both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Myth-Busting The British Empire


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As educators, we know that it is not enough to 'not be racist', we must be actively anti-racist if we are serious about tackling systemic racism head on in our classrooms. Pledges and rhetoric alone are not enough. We need to decolonise our curriculum. But what does that mean in practice? The phrase has been gaining lots of traction in recent months. But without deconstruction and guidance, it runs the risk of becoming an educational buzzword... or worse, a phrase linked with the negative discourses of militancy or 'political correctness gone mad'.

In Anti-Racism Education: Myth-Busting the British Empire we team up with historian, comedian and journalist Robin Clyfan who will challenge us to rethink everything we think we know about our national history. In this bold, energising and high-interest session, Robin will enable us to widen our view of the dominant historical narratives that surround colonialism and the British Empire.

This 45 minute session promises to be educational, engaging and energising. It is the perfect CPD for anti-racism educators and curriculum leaders across the subject/key stage range and anyone with a particular interest in anti-racism education, history or curriculum reform.​


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