Mastery English

The Mastery English program being used in this project was developed by Learning Unlimited Teaching School Alliance (LUTSA) and trialed across 14 primary schools during 2017. Although there was no control cohort in the trial there was an average 6 point increase in standardised scores in PIRA (Progress in Reading Assessment) over a two term period. In addition data from teachers suggested a reduction in teacher workload, as questionnaires indicated that teachers found that their marking was both manageable and more meaningful. Our focus is on

  • The potential of Mastery English in transition.
  • Evaluating whether the positive impact on teacher workload in the primary school study is replicated in secondary schools

Our project involves 4 classes of Y7 pupils from 4 secondary schools across South Yorkshire. This will give a total of 400-500 participating students.

We will trial the English Mastery lesson structure, combined with the use of a high quality text over two periods of 18 lessons, separated by a school holiday period. The first block of 18 lessons will be delivered in the second half term of the autumn term and the second block of lessons will be delivered immediately after Christmas.