No More Marking
Institute of Education funded Innovation Project

This is another Institute of Effective Education (IEE) funded Innovation Project that is again focussed on trying to establish more effective and efficient ways of giving feedback to students. The No More Marking comparative judgement software tool is fairly widely known, but in practice is a ‘different type’ of marking rather than ‘no more’ marking. There is research that shows that even young students are almost as good as teachers as ranking work using comparative judgement. This project brings these themes together, with participating classes undertaking comparative judgements on their own and peers’ work rather than receiving written feedback from the teacher. 

We are leading this project across a number of South Yorkshire schools, with a particular focus on KS3 English. In formal ‘research speak’ the three hypotheses that we are testing are:

  • The use of No More Marking by students for two cycles of work over a period of 1-2 months, specifically in KS3 descriptive writing, will lead to pupil outcomes in descriptive writing that are comparable to the use of conventional teacher marking.
  • Undertaking peer assessment with comparative judgement for two cycles of work over a period of 1-2 months, result in greater gains in KS3 descriptive writing from pre-test to post-test than the use of conventional written marking.
  • The use of No More Marking by students will reduce teacher workload (measured by teacher perception of their own workload)