Research School

We believe that there is a moral and professional imperative to engage in educational research in order to find out what works best in the classroom.

We are really excited by the variety of research projects we are currently involved with. If you would like to find out more about any of the projects below, do please contact us.

SMART Spaces

This project was part of the Education and Neuroscience scheme, which was jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust and Education Endowment Foundation and launched in January 2014.

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Audio Feedback Project

This is an Institute of Effective Education (IEE) funded Innovation Project to evaluate the effectiveness of audio feedback as opposed to written feedback. There is notoriously little research into the most effective forms of marking and feedback.

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Comparative Judgement Project

This is another Institute of Effective Education (IEE) funded Innovation Project that is again focussed on trying to establish more effective and efficient ways of giving feedback to students.

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Mastery English

This is another project funded by the Institute for Effective Education (IEE). The project is focused on assessing the extent that Mastery English impacts on progress within the constraints of a typical secondary school where curriculum organisation and timetabling usually give teachers less flexibility than in primary schools.

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