Here at Hallam TSA we believe there is a moral and professional imperative to engage in educational research to inform school policy and to find out what works best in the classroom.  It was to this end that we were successful in our application to become Sheffield Associate Research School working with Huntington Research School in York.

Initially our aim is to support the work of Huntington Research School and Learn Sheffield with their work with Sheffield schools in the Research Led Sheffield programme.  Our programme of training is sadly suspended at the moment due to the current national situation.  Please check the Learn Sheffield site where details of our courses will be rescheduled once we have the all clear to restart.

To access and book courses through Learn Sheffield please click here.

In the meantime if you have attended our courses already or are beginning to think about how we might support you or your colleagues once we restart please contact our Research Lead Alastair Gittner ( who will be able to offer advice and support.

SMART Spaces

This project has been under efficacy trial during 2019 and we are currently awaiting the evaluation report from our partners at University College London.  More details can be found here…


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Audio Feedback Project


This is an Institute of Effective Education (IEE) funded Innovation Project to evaluate the effectiveness of audio feedback as opposed to written feedback. There is notoriously little research into the most effective forms of marking and feedback.

A link to the final report can be found here.


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No More Marking

Comparative Judgement Project

This is another Institute of Effective Education (IEE) funded Innovation Project that is again focused on trying to establish more effective and efficient ways of giving feedback to students.

A link to the final report can be found here.


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Mastery English

This is another project funded by the Institute for Effective Education (IEE). The project is focused on assessing the extent that Mastery English impacts on progress within the constraints of a typical secondary school where curriculum organisation and timetabling usually give teachers less flexibility than in primary schools.

The final report is in progress. More info here.


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