Sheffield SCITT Primary Open Event

05 December 2019 13 PM St Catherine's Primary School, firshill Crescent, Sheffield S4 7BX trainers:Mrs T redfern - Primary ITT Co-ordinator Audience:Graduates, Career Changers, Prospective Teachers.

Find out more about training to become a Primary teacher with the Sheffield SCITT.

Our course leaders will talk to you about 

  • The Sheffield SCITT - which was recently judged 'Good' by OFSTED for the quality of its teacher training.
  • It's relationship with Notre Dame which has been judged 'Outstanding in all areas' by OFSTED
  • The partner schools it works with to deliver a diverse and bespoke experience for its trainees
  • Our School Centred Initial Teacher Training approach.
  • The eligibility requirements for the course, how to apply, fees and funding
  • Placement options
  • The PGCE element of the course 

We will also give you some helpful tips for interview.