Science Department Bespoke CPD

Your Venue - you choose the date trainers:Tim Clark - Secondary Science Lead Audience:Science Teachers, Non-Specialists, Technicians, Curriculum Leaders

Flexible training sessions can be delivered as twilights in 'normal' department meeting time or during INSET meetings.  This reduces the cost to the school and the whole department has the benefit of receiving the training.

What we can offer:

  • CPD which has proven impact delivered by accredited trainers
  • Increased confidence in key aspects of curriculum design or delivery
  • Bespoke training targeting key areas in your school development plan
  • Evidence of impact (using the impact toolkit) providing staff with evidence of performance review

Examples of popular sessions:

  • Preparing for linear examinations
  • Meeting the needs of the grade 1-3 students
  • Meeting the needs of the grade 7-9 students
  • Assessment and progression in a 5 year curriculum
  • GCSE required practical training
  • Subject Knowledge Enhancement eg physics for the non-specialist
  • Developing working scientifically skills
  • Technicians as demonstrators

Duration:  Choose from 1.5 hours, whole day or multi-sessions

Activity Fee: £200 per 1.5 hour twilight for up to 15 staff (cost effective compared to an external course.  This can be split between 2 schools.