Maths TSST - Free CPD

Notre Dame High School, Sheffield trainers:Mr T Squire Audience:People who are already teaching, but who are not Maths Specialists

The Maths TSST course is aimed at people who are already teaching, but who are not necessarily Maths Specialists for example someone who:

  • has moved in to teaching maths after teaching a different subject, h
  • has had a break from teaching maths
  • works in a special school or PRU where students don't always sit GCSEs
  • is a recently qualified teacher who wants to improve their subject knowledge.

The course consists of ten 3 hour sessions that will focus on subject knowledge and pedagogy ie how best to teach a topic. The sessions will be based on the needs of the cohort so there will be a subject knowledge audit prior to everyone starting the course. In the past the sessions have covered things like:

  • Circle theorems
  • mathematical proof
  • Data handling
  • Trigonometry

Sessions have also been held on things like bar modelling with number and algebra questions, variation in questioning, new GCSE questions and how they differ from pre 2017, misconceptions in algebra, multiple representations etc., with regard to more of the pedagogy of the subject.

DATES:  February 2019 to Summer 2019

TIMES:  1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

The programme is affiliated to Plymouth University and they offer online resources and quizzes to help with the subject knowledge.