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Dec 06

Technicians play a vital role in supporting the teaching of exciting, effective science safely


Ultimately, as NASUWT says, "technicians make a direct contribution to raising standards of educational achievement [and] standards are maintained when teachers are able to concentrate on their core responsibilities for teaching and learning."

Keeping them in the profession is important for increasing the numbers of technicians in science departments and letting teachers do what they do best – teach. Suggestions to retain technicians include not just fairer pay but also more CPD.

Technicians’ technical skills can also have a positive impact on teacher workload, as Laura-Jane Carter, a teacher in Didcot Girls’ School in Oxfordshire, explains: ‘The most important thing that lightens my workload is the reassurance that the practicals [I have] ordered have been tested and [will] work properly. I don’t always have a chance to practise [them].


Technicians courses – supporting practical work in Chemistry, Biology and Physics

 21/1/22 – Chemistry       Technicians supporting Chemistry | STEM

 25/2/22 – Biology            Technicians supporting Biology | STEM

 18/3/22 – Physics             Technicians supporting Physics | STEM


These courses are part of our continuing support for Science Technicians, this course is designed to help technicians to prepare practicals and care for equipment in each of the three sciences. We have a special offer to attend the Chemistry (Jan 21st), Biology (Feb 25th) and Physics (March 18th sessions for a discounted price of £160 (normally £240). Please book onto the Chemistry and Biology as normal and email Tim Clark to secure a free place on the Physics session.


NOTE – Change of date for the Technicians supporting Physics CPD from that previously advertised – NOW 18/3/22

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