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Dec 01

An introduction to the South Yorkshire Maths Hub!

The South Yorkshire Maths Hub is one of a network of 37 Maths Hubs in England, working together within the Maths Hubs Programme, which began in 2014. The programme is funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).

The Maths Hubs programme brings together all mathematics education professionals in a national network of hubs, each locally led by an outstanding school or college, and working in partnership with neighbouring schools, colleges, universities, CPD providers, maths experts and employers. 

The core purpose of Maths Hubs is to help schools and colleges lead improvement in mathematics education in England. They seek to harness all the maths leadership and expertise within an area, to develop and spread excellent practice, for the benefit of all pupils and students. They are part of the wider development of school-led system leadership in England.


An exciting opportunity!

We have opened up signs up to our Introduction to Covid Materials Work Shops.

These are FREE Workshops to support the implementation of the recently released guidance by the DfE to support teachers during the Covid recovery period will soon be announced. The publication identifies the most important conceptual knowledge and understanding that pupils need as they progress from year 1 to year 6. These important concepts are referred to as ready-to-progress criteria and provide a coherent, linked framework to support pupils’ mastery of the primary mathematics curriculum.

To register your interest in attending the FREE workshops, please register here


If you are interested in finding out more about your school’s options please do get in touch.


Vicki John Lewis (Maths Hub Lead) –

Michelle Knott (Primary Lead) –

Vicci Marshall (Secondary Lead) –

Tara Webster (Maths Hub Coordinator) –

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