The Science of Learning Science

22 June 2018 13 PM Notre Dame High School trainers:Alastair Gittner, Niki Kaiser, Professor Tim Jay Audience:Science Teachers

With the increasing interest in evidence based practice and how as teachers we can learn from research, Hallam Teaching School at Notre Dame High School are pleased to invite you to a meeting on the Science of Learning Science

Speakers ...

Niki Kaiser

“Do they really get it? (or are they just giving the correct answer)”

(Research Lead at Notre Dame High School, Norwich founder of the CogSciSci group)

Alastair Gittner

“Schools can’t do research; from one that did”

(Lead researcher on the SMART Spaces Project an EEF & Wellcome funded project)

Prof Tim Jay;

“Beyond neuromyth: implications of psychology & neuroscience for the science classroom”

Professor of education; Sheffield Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University)

Cost:  £25 per person