The 2015/16 strategic plan

The action plan for Hallam TSA’s work in 2015/ 16 has now been submitted to NCTL. Teaching Schools work across 6 key areas known as The Big 6. Here is a summary of our work in each area over the next year;

1)    Initial Teacher Training
Trading at The Sheffield SCITT we will train 30 secondary and 20 primary teachers on a 100% school based QTS with PGC course in 2015/16. We will commence partnerships to accredit the School Direct ITT work of 3 other local Teaching School Alliances so anticipate training 120 teachers in 2016/17

2)    Teacher CPD
We continue to offer our flagship Olevi Outstanding and Improving Teacher Programmes. In addition we run an NQT programme for the schools who use us as their NQT Appropriate Body and are partnering with Escafeld TSA on a new RQT programme. The Maths Hub provides an enormous amount of primary and secondary maths CPD as does the Science Learning Partnership for Science teaching in primary and secondary schools.

3)    Developing future leaders
Talent spotting and fast tracking starts with our ITT work and we have a range of leadership programmes to grow the next generation of middle and senior leaders. Our EXRAY programme develops middle leadership. We also run the Doulos Programme in partnership with Ebor TSA, York to develop future Headteachers of church schools across Yorkshire and the Humber region. We support Escafeld TSA in Sheffield the DSSL programme- Developing Sheffield Senior Leaders that helps secondary middle leaders step up to be senior leaders through a range of CPD sessions and school based projects where participants are hosted by other Sheffield schools.

4)    Provide Support to other schools
We are currently in receipt of a range of NCTL grants to support other schools around leadership, school improvement and maths attainment.

5)    Designate and Deploy Specialist Leaders of Education
We currently have 27 SLEs registered with us. In autumn term 2015 we hope to recruit another 10. We particularly need more SLEs for Maths, Science and a range of Primary issues but we will welcome applications from any area of expertise.

6)    Participate in Research and Development
The maths hub has a strong R&D ethos with projects including the England-China Teacher Exchange and the Japan Lesson Study Project. Our biggest R&D project is the Wellcome Trust/ EEF funded Spaced Learning Project which aims to use what neuro science is teaching us about how brains work to find better ways to teach children. This is based on piloting new Spaced Learning pedagogy in GCSE science teaching. The project is delivered in partnership with Queens University Belfast.